Derby - History to now


Located approx 1 hour and fifteen minutes from Launceston - Derby was once  a booming tin mining town. The tiny riverside village of Derby is a quaint surprise on the winding country drive from Launceston to the East Coast


Overlooking the Ringarooma River in a landscape of mountains and rainforest, Derby is classified as a historic town -  it's on the small side but has a big and interesting history

Once a booming mining settlement in the town's early days it was known as Brother's Town and was the setting for an epic tin rush that saw thousands of eager miners flock to the area. Drop into the Derby's Tin Dragon Interpretation Centre for a full run down of the trials and tribulations of Chinese tin mining in the area.

The Blue Lake near town is a unique attraction: once a mine hole, the lake now reflects a stunning aqua blue from the minerals at the bottom of the lake. Canoeing, fishing and boating are popular on this and other nearby lakes.

Gem hunters should keep their eyes peeled for smokey quartz, topaz and amethyst too. In town, there are several antiques, second-hand and craft shops to explore, and traditional Devonshire teas for a morning or afternoon treat.

Mountain Biking the Blue Derby Trails

And for the more adventurous is a nearby world-class mountain biking trail network with trails starting from within the town itself. Wanna know more about the trails? Click here